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Hi loves! In this video I talk about what its like to go to school at home and how it works. Hope it helped and ill talk to you guys in my next vlog! Bye. (:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hello, friends. These are my school supplies and top study tips for post-secondary schooling (college and university)! Remember that every thing you need to …
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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Comments ( 46 )

  1. Kenya Carter

    Homeschool and online school are two totally different things just putting that out there for people who might not know online school is based on a public school curriculum and based off a public school it's basically just public school online homeschool is when the parent not a teacher sets your curriculum you follow your parent grades your work and a whole lot more stuff I don't feel like getting into but there totally different your not homeschooled you do online school or school at home whenever somebody would say so your homeschooled I'd reply no I do online school... 

  2. Deborah Hwang

    hey i just came across your video.. I was wondering how do you feel about Keystone now? I really wanna try it for my junior and senior year

  3. Sierra Levine

    I went to k-12 for 2 and a half years.( 7,8, and half of 9th grade) i completed my 9th grade year in a traditional school. This year i chose to go to keystone. I was wondering if you could do an updated video on how you like the school.

  4. Tiana Miner


  5. Sophia Ting

    I just enrolled to Keystone. If you have any tips for me or just wanna talk you can message me through Youtube! 

  6. Tiana Miner

    Did she say feed her hoarse 

  7. Hipstur_please

    i got to keystone too!

  8. Katelyn Jones

    Can you make an update on what keystone is/was like? I'm thinking about going there.

  9. Lanzia Morgash

    Hi guys, I attend this school. Im gonna explain this for you guys. Keystone is a online fully accredited school, basically online private school. It is expensive but you get a great education and REAL teachers. Yes, all you work is seen and graded by teachers. If you have problems, you can email, Skype and call these teachers! There are two different learning methods, Online and Print. Print is what this youtuber does. She has 6 test, and two exams. Some classes require journals and you will be given another envelope. While online is through the computer and has multiple quizzes, tests, exams and assignments. Class are between 200- 400 a class, so yearly some spend about 2,000 thousand. You are limited to 6 classes a year. I take 2-4 weeks a course. So Im graduating early, You interact with classmates and there is a guidance team who will help you set goals. This learning method isn't for everyone and heres why. You set your own pace and some people can't handle this. Although you have a teacher, you are learning on your own and unless you can steer clear of procrastination and focus you should do well. I love this school and will never leave!

  10. cerra dawn

    I called keystone & they told me that the tuition would be around $1,000

  11. Shelby Drews

    I just came across your two channels, and it is so cool that you use Keystone too! I have been using Keystone since last year, and I'm a Sophomore now. I assume you are a Junior now? And I agree with you that homeschoolers are definitely not hermits unless they make themselves one, as I am definitely not one lol :P What classes are you taking this year? :)

  12. Aerin Hemmings

    thanks for the recvomendation! i have an illness and was looking into keystone! It is good to know that you like it(: thanks for your opinion in this!

  13. FromForksLovesRain

    Hi I want to do this and I'm a freshmen, how will I get p.e credits that I need to graduate to go into a photography college? And how much classes do I have to buy for the year?(:

  14. vloggingbabe97


  15. BlazenFallen

    I had to be homeschooled because of illness and I chose k12 first and of course that didn't work well so I went with Keystone and it's less stressful. Great video btw :P

  16. vloggingbabe97

    If you still need more info, send me a message and i'll be glad to help you out.

  17. ahermitt

    Your parents sound really cool. Keep up the hard work. ps. in the title of the video, you mean You're as in You are. It's a common mistake.

  18. vloggingbabe97

    Thanks! And oh I just noticed. I'll change that right now.


    I am really interested in Keystone highschool. Can you help tell me more about how Keystone is? thanks

  20. vloggingbabe97

    I personally recommend buying 5-6 classes. And as for the p.e. credit, i'm not really sure because I got my p.e. credit in Freshman year when I went to public school so I would suggest calling Keystone and talking to an advisor.

  21. cookie57554

    I did keystone I didn't like it lol

  22. HairBraidsAndMore

    Thank you for your amazing tips! The actually work soo well :D

  23. Jose A.

    I just use my macbook pro lol 

  24. Donuts

    thanks alottt im going to grade 11 =D 

  25. DrewC Bas

    Thank you so much Kassie. I'll be entering my first year of highschool next year and I'll make sure I use these methods.

  26. huyen duong


  27. Lior Lim

    This is one of the best tips ever. Like other videos just tell you highlight your work, use falshcards, do this do that. But at least you give the REAL sort of tip. And really helps. Im really lazy on maths because I dontike to practice and for science, I always dont understand the stuff even if I actually listen to that chapter and do my notes. I hope that this will help me for next year when I'm 15.. 0.0 :^)

  28. Lizzy M

    thanx 4 this.

  29. Karen Mai

    Thank you for your tips! What you said about the essay is true; in high school, I wrote essays that resulted in 95+ but my first paper in university for English class resulted in a B-! I tried harder for the 2nd paper and got a A-. Hopefully my final paper will be a A!

  30. zolawilliams1

    Ive been out of university for 6 or 7 years and I *WISH* I had this video back then. Well done. 

  31. Corina ward

    Your so beautiful!!!

  32. xemoHeroinex

    thank you, this really helped me. how old are you?

  33. Tom Merrill

    Thankyou so much i know revise properly and i am getting the grades that i diserve x

  34. Eliana Negri

    Wish I knew this a year ago. Just finishing my first year of uni... ahhh

  35. Jessie Chen

    thanks im going to yr 11 next year im not doing science next year

  36. Lolo Ve

    Thank you sooo much! My maths is not voor at the moment. But I don't wonna give up because I like my classe. You really help me! I'm gonna try harder! Xxx

  37. LollipopQueenScene

    DUDE!! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I WAS A FRESHMAN STUDENTTTT??? thanks for all the tips! they are true and really helpfull >w<

  38. Arahia Maea

    I've been looking so hard for "good study tips" and this is the ONLY one I've found that actually makes sense and has a lot of GOOD advice! Thank you! :)

  39. Rurrox Bibi

    You don't have to be the smartest person in the room, you just gotta work the hardest :)

  40. Carla D Antonio

    I just found you today on YouTube, and to be quite frankly, you made me cry ,because you just sound like a little mother who truly cares for her children and wants them to do well in university. Thank you so much for the tips I will apply them all right now, as they all are A+ tips. Thank you so much

  41. Edith Chin

    Science is not that hard but I think it is only like that cause I am interested. But I flunk Physics 

  42. Madhusudan Bera

    i agree with you "try hard" 

  43. Moo Zee

    I'm 5 weeks out from final law exams in Australia and this video has made me feel a bit more positive and motivated to get on with some proper preparation! They're open book exams, however you're not going to do well if you don't know the material back to front and have your notes in order. I think these tips are really great :)

  44. Serena Li

    Ha this vid was probably a long time ago but you can download a free graphing calculator onto your computer and it works the act same too

  45. Zenab Abdi

    Thank you for this video. all of yourvids are full of knowledge.. LOVE YOU

  46. babybeachstar

    Kassie please do some more school videos your videos are so helpful <3 

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