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What To Expect During Your Home Study

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You might be surprised what REALLY happens. Check out the comment section for more Home Study experiences. ==MORE FOSTER CARE VIDEOS Our First Placement: htt…
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. Danielle Elizabeth

    Makes me wonder if a person did not have a good childhood or did have a drug history maybe in there teens or early 20's if they would still accept you as foster parents.

  2. katulka2

    Great vid! I used to be an international adoption consultant and read dozens of homestudies. They were all just like you said, a profile of the families' lives, not their physical houses. I'll bet this is a major misconception. I'm thoroughly enjoying this series!

  3. mummyof2weegirls

    wow ur house sounds huge and amazing lol...and their rules sound very strict! i dont even have all those things and all that safety proofing done and i have 2 wee kids lol

  4. celysestroh

    Thank you for making a video about this! Such great information!

  5. Thecountrybumpkins

    So interesting! :) At first when you were describing the actual inspection of the physical home, it gave me anxiety that our house isn't safe, but really I guess the approach we take with having our own, only child would have to be very different than caring for children in the system. So neat to know what they view as important! 

  6. Five4FiveMeals

    Carla, I would love to know how you told your children about it… How did you explain it all to Hannah? It's so great your family is doing this. 

  7. allysyoutube

    What a great idea for a video and helpful to people who are about to embark on a similar journey. We have had home studies for the adoption process and our experience was somewhat similar. Although, our case worker did not really look in the garage thoroughly. Our first home study was very thorough (looking through closets and such), and the study prior to the adoption finalization was very different. The case worker basically came in, set up her computer on our dining room table and interviewed us and our daughter. The one thing I was surprised about the initial home study was how much we needed to have child proofed even though we didn't have children in the home, and according to their estimated timeline an adoption could take about 18 months. Understandable that they would need to see it though. 

  8. I hope you step on a lego piece

    And Chris is totally a hunter.'s the beard thats a giveaway ;-)

  9. Ellie Anne

    Thank you for sharing this! We will be applying for adoption in the next couple of years (also in Oregon!) and it's nice to have at least a very general idea of what to expect. 

  10. Life With the Shepards

    I love all this information! We are considering fostering in the future so all of this is good to know! Thanks so much for putting yourself out there! 

  11. Samantha Lynn

    Very informative and helpful vid. I'm thinking about adopting a few years from now so this info really helps. 

  12. theBubblelush

    NEW FOSTER CARE VIDEO - What REALLY happens during a Home Study.

  13. I hope you step on a lego piece

    Woah! William is a proper little boy! When did that happen?!

  14. kelsie scott

    Can u do a house tour 

  15. Momma Allie

    Omg William looks like a little boy and not a baby! Where did the time go?? Love the foster care videos, keep them coming. Thank you for being so candid! :)

  16. Olivia Hillard

    I love this series!

  17. Usernametakenfornow

    I feel like a home study would be helpfull to us, even though we are not going to be a foster family LOL :-)

  18. Kit Smith

    We just finished our adoption home study - such a nerve racking experience. We just got our letter that the study has been approved - we are so excited to be close to done. Good luck to anyone else going through home studies.

  19. mrsheathermommy

    What type of questions did they ask? My husband and I are wanting to foster in a few years after we get our finances under control and have a house. But its never to early to start preparing.

  20. Genavieve M

    Great video! 

  21. amclaudet

    Our home study wasn't this intense at all. Here in Louisiana, we just had a thick packet of paperwork that did include our past and our roles and our personalities but no long in depth interviews like that. She did a walk through and a visit. But I think that's good . We were certified to foster adopt in 2010. We have since adopted three siblings :) I have to be honest, you sharing your foster care journey has inspired me to open up our home again to more foster children. I truly feel called to! Can't wait to see more videos. 

  22. TheEagals Nest

    Very interesting and informative video. I had heard that home studies were mostly interview based but I had no idea how in depth they went. 

  23. Gabriella Mac

    LOVING that natural darker blonde looks beautiful with your skin. 

  24. Brady Cavaness

    This was very helpful, thank you!

  25. Ericka & more

    Thank you for this series and cant wait for the rest. We hope to do start the process soon. 

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