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The Viva (with English Subs) – by Sabarish Kandregula

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Subtitles updated, Please click on the captions button to enable it :) Hope you will enjoy the video. Have a great time. :) Like us on, http://www.facebook.c…
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. Kim Bong Un

    which language is this? also which language of south india is more useful to learn? tamil, telugu or kennad?

  2. Rekha Nalla

    this is the most awesome,wonderful and fantastic video that i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gayathri Ganesan

    *This is the most hilarious video I've ever ever seen!!!!!*

  4. Himanshu Prasad



    Best viva ever I seen 

  6. S.Madhavi Mohan

    i saw it for 20times.

  7. sarath chandra godithi

    for english text press CC button in bottom right corner

  8. Rebesh Gurung

    This is so great...request u to script it in Hindi or English as well plz..

  9. Mayank Gaur

    4:20 If you are here for one more second, I'll make you book a tatkal ticket.. ROFL

  10. rajeshwari mandiga

    chala natural ga chesaru andaru, real ga na viva gurthochindi naku... Sooooo nice film, keep going....



  12. zameer ahmed

    haha very nice. hats off

  13. karthikeya daita

    Super i like this video every much its awesome sir pl , do this type of videos 

  14. Aadesh Phalgun

    What is Apaashaampakkirrkiri????? #ROFL :p

  15. Giriprasad Kathula

    Freaking awesome!!!! You guys are so natural , keep rolling folks!!!

  16. mathura janani

    have seen this first hand:)

  17. Rohit Rawat

    SO DAMN FUNNY...i cried.. :D The invigilator was the best. 

  18. donnolde vandæl

    not fucking funny

  19. Abu Shafeek

    Awesome short film it remains my college days Tnx to sabrish

  20. Saswath S Suryansh

    If you haven't seen this yet, don't miss it. It's a funny short film in Telugu. Remember to turn on captions for English subtitles. The Viva (with English Subs) - by Sabarish Kandre…:

  21. mani kandan

    viva comedy

  22. Sunil Devendrappa

    D2E Films : Amazing video, I was laughing like anything watching this. All characters have acted very well :) Hope to see more of your videos...

  23. Ahad Modak

    No subtitles bloody idiot 

  24. Rahul Subbaraman

    Amazing ...... Must Watch....... Again!


    ee video lo vunna hippo, ok dhisti bomma laa set avutaadu.if any small children are crying just see his face they will be afraid and eat.

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