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Funny and innovative video describes superb techniques used by a Japanese students to copy and cheat during exams. Must watch .!!!
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Comments ( 26 )

  1. The Legal Stop

  2. DjVader112

    exams the only time students work together as a single unit I miss highschool so much! college students are greedy assholes.

  3. Hùng Đỗ Thành

    what movie is this? the best scene I have ever seen :))

  4. Mystogan LC

    Now because they don't know how to calculate the correct dosage to give a patient he dies This is what cheating does.

  5. flyianhunt

    That girl is really cute

  6. neau kersing

  7. Pollack Jared

    You realize this film or whatever you call it was made in the 80's right? 

  8. Mark Dave Manansala

    Teamwork at its finest!

  9. dipro001

    ahh.. racism at its finest :')

  10. KenWorkProduction

    Im asian but that method can take some time 

  11. Ganta Igarashi

    3:20 xD + 4:56 xDD

  12. Marie Pesa

    Is that Shogo Kawada from Battle Royale? :O

  13. iamVoidless

    what's the name of this movie

  14. marc Aslam

    so that's how asians score good in exams!

  15. Susana Ratumaibure

    just watch this** lol exam cheating technology in japan**LOL its awesome

  16. Tinysju

    Japanese Lampoon's : Final's Day

  17. Sam J

    I lost it at the magic eye part

  18. KittyNinja404

    Oh wow!! This is epic!!

  19. Richardc Chang

    omg i have never thought of that

  20. NoctisCadus

    this cheating is IMPOSSIBRUUU!!!!

  21. Wrath L

    Anyone know the name of this movie? seems awesome!

  22. Patrick Celso

    I can cheat like a pro but the girls are like the teacher's companion so whenever they see us cheating, they shout " Cheater!" ... I hate my class:/

  23. Donovan Maeple

    That is the most creative ways to cheat I have ever seen. Japan, how I love your mad country!

  24. luminous fk

    nanda doctorS ?? wait that reminds me of something...chunin exams??

  25. Jordan Weir

    haha .. man would be easier to learn the material xD

  26. renika Santos

    I think i did the headphones before during colleges hahaha

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