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Video Rating: 5 / 5

Online HVAC Training. Part 1 of our 4 part schematic reading series. Find out more about becoming an HVAC tech at – or c…
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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Comments ( 34 )

  1. Anju Aragam

    Hello All! I watched this video for the first time to understand what is SAP ABAP is all about. Mr.Krishna's knowledge is very in depth indeed. His demo class is an excellent resource for curious minds to get initial exposure and understanding. I would highly recommend to everyone that is interested in learning SAP ABAP online. I think this is the best online coaching I have ever come across. Looking forward to enroll and get trained by Mr.Krishna. Thank you very much for the demo class.

  2. Rangaraju Swathi

    I am trying to get a good training material of SAP ABAP. I found Krishna SAP class is very helpful and very explanatory of the ABAP in a clear and simple way. I would strongly recommend this interactive class to all the viewers who are looking for the best ABAP information.

  3. Dan palli

    Being non IT field and interested to learn SAP ABAP and I was searching for it. I found Mr. Krishna SAP ABAP free demo and watched his demo class. The way he explains SAP ABAP so good, very easy to learn the concepts and understand. I strongly recommend and also waiting for Mr. Krishna more SAP videos in near future. Thank you so much Mr. Krishna for your free demo on SAP ABAP.

  4. simi chaturvedi

    I highly recommend this video. After watching this video, I am a bit confident that with out having any IT background, still I can learn SAP. Thanks Mr. Krishna for sharing this video. Do appreciate your way of teaching. 

  5. Sindhu Ram

    As a beginner to SAP, I thought it was very difficult to learn. But Mr, Krishna's way of teaching is way different from what i have seen with other methods of teaching. Good job and looking forward for more classes.

  6. rameshkeerthi1

    Excellent teaching....great job...happy to see people like... I feel every SAP consultant should have good knowledge like you!

  7. mycutesmily Chalamalasetti

    I am very new to this SAP ABAP software and just started learning this on my own. As a beginner, this video was very helpful to get an overview about this software. I will definitely recommend this video. Mr. Krishna, you have done a very good job by giving a good start to my learning.

  8. Elavarasi Balachandran

    i am beginner to SAP. after I attended the sessions i feel very confident and very clear and it really helps me alot to enhance my concepts. Outstanding, thanks Mr. Krishna for clear such a understanding and excellent presentation contents. 

  9. wahab adebisi

    I have had a class on SAP security before but listening to this lecture has broaden my knowledge in SAP as a whole.I'd highly recommend this lecture to anyone who want to learn SAP from the scratch.Krishna is an awesome trainer! 

  10. Ravi Ashwini

    I have attended Mr. Krishna's ABAP Classes and it amazes me how simple and informative his classes are. I had no previous experience in SAP technology and I feel very confident after attending his classes. Thanks Krishna for sharing this video.

  11. Priya Toomu

    Really good for a true beginner like myself. I would certainly recommend. Keep up the good work Mr. Krishna.

  12. Sowmya Adithya

    Excellent classes by Mr.krishna. He is a good instructor that works with his students to make sure that they understand the lessons very well. He is supportive and patience, taking as much time as necessary to answer questions. i will recommend to any one wo is looking forward to learn sap abap.

  13. Great Online Training

  14. Saeed Mahmud

    thank you for what you are doing. It was very enlighten,renewing and energizing I will be studying Please keep it coming.

  15. Lee Mason

    Ron you are changing lives by providing knowledge that your passionate about.. Mason Cincinnati, Ohio.. Between you and Graythefurnaceman I feel a little more competent in the nomenclature.. THANK YOU !!

  16. Pierre Ruff

    Awsome viedo keep them coming please! 

  17. Emin HVAC


  18. Manjeet Singh

    Excellent teaching 

  19. Rox D

    Great explanation.Thanks,

  20. muddycatpaws

    I just graduated from a technical college in hvac and am still confused in reading schematics. The 26:46 minute point of your talk clarified something that has eluded me until now. I appreciate the pictures that go with the schematics. Thank you Ron!

  21. Terry Robinson

    BTW, what is the course delivery program you're using?

  22. Wannis Arzromalian

    Great educational study program. Thank You

  23. Muhammad Afzal

    Very nice teacher 

  24. omar mario

    very good, thank you. I have been away from the field for a year, thank you for the crash course. 

  25. Cristhian Cabero


  26. Mahesh Patel


  27. attisso togbo

    This video is really good but complicated.

  28. Jeremy Rodriguez

    Great teacher, you made this very understandable. 

  29. yesca1234

    This is of the hook, great video step by step. You are a good teacher.

  30. Andrew Zavala

    Great job at explaining, good sir!!!! 

  31. Ashraf Soliman

    Great teacher, Thanks a lot

  32. SoCalGuy93065

    What, did you "phone this in"?.... ;-)

  33. ALi Almurisi

    thank you so much , this part I am looking for 

  34. Ron Walker

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