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Powered by AWeber Email Marketing Tools – Career Videos, Registered Nurses. Registered Nurses or RN’s, play a crucial role in providing physical and emotional care for the sick inju…
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. John

    how come so many nurses love their jobs then? It depends on your situation, not all are used/abused.

  2. masterrotc

    go nurses!

  3. rich b

    i am a nurse of 13 years, it is a pure bullshit job, the hospitals just want to work you short handed, you bust your ass 12 hrs and the rewards suck. never fall for this vid shit

  4. cls2b

    Nurses are amazing people

  5. biankitalin

    @fornow100000 wtf?

  6. Eduardo lugo

    @told85 You don't care about patients, don't you? Get out of here.

  7. Cannot UATA

    Im committed. if you think that you are not is not late to change your major, but you love and think that if you do this, you don't just do sucrifice for others, but your own family. It pays your family off

  8. tranurse

    you need at least 2 - 5 years good med/surg experience.

  9. John

    bullshit, not all nurses have to deal with that, yes the hours are long but most nurses can work 3 or 4 days a week, and the money is generally good.

  10. rich b

    get a new dream kid, nursing is a nightmare

  11. tranurse

    being that you are in nsg. school, you have no idea. and i mean that with no disrespect. sometimes you give so much to people that you have nothing left for yourself. and nursing keeps getting harder and harder. it's becoming more about the bottom line and less about pt's. 10 years or so, dear abby asked nurses to give their opinions of nursing. most of them said that it sucked, you aren't allowed to be the nurse you want to be. her answer was to tell us to quit bitching. just you wait.


    im a nursing student right now, where do u suggests for grad nurses to start off? i eventually just want to work myself in the management field after some floor exp...

  13. chenoaspirit

    its so nice to see something that tells exactly what we do! Some people just dont understand

  14. tranurse

    i'm sorry. hope things get better.

  15. Sola Gratia

    im trying to get into a nursing pprogram.. ive done all my prereqs but im kinda nervous!!! i applied to two schools already but i need more

  16. Sola Gratia

    it will be the smartest idea u'd make!!

  17. realandygarcia

    Just curious, are you going into nursing still ? :)

  18. honeybugg0723

    nurses if they are good nurses are wonderful i have had good nurses and some bad nurses i have seen more good nurses than i have doctors just my experience

  19. StevenwithaV

    WOW this is a great video that perfectly outlines our profession!!!! I wish people saw us this way and not just as uneducated women like in the 1400's. Thanks for posting this!!! Although I have to say, i never liked working in the hospital much at all!

  20. xosmvxo912

    I kind of want to become an ER nurse but I hear a lot of people say that nursing is the worse job... Is that true?

  21. tranurse

    gosh you sound so burnt out. is there something else you can do? hhc, or school. nursing does suck a lot of the time, i think the few times good things happen, erases the suckiness. but if you are that miserable, i hope you can find something that makes you happy. i think nurses often times don't support each other enough, it's a shame. if we worked together, we could achieve so much. i hope you are able to find something that makes you happy, and gives you peace. god bless.

  22. IcePrincess619


  23. Philip C. Gossett III

    I have been a RN for a long time. If you like being highly stressed, putting dead people in body bags, picking up 300 pound urine soaked people off the floor. Dealing with insane docs who shit roses and walk on water. Working long hours and being a whipping post for everyone to lash out at, then this is a the career for you.

  24. Cannot UATA

    Don't be discourage. Go forth and do the best as you can. I know nothing about nursing, but I am committed. It will be a huge help not just for your family, but those who need to be taken care. It gives you hard time, just think that it is a sucrifice for your family.

  25. John

    If you can't live on a Nurse's salary your doing something wrong. Here in California they average 85K a year

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