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Online HVAC Training – The Basic Refrigeration Cyle. Want to really learn HVAC? Visit
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Comments ( 12 )

  1. Mahesh Patel


  2. eggsactlyrobin

    Thanks Ron for the all of the time you invested in making this video a hit. About the figure of the AC unit, it could be that the evap. coil fan sucks the room air over the coils and sends the cooler air back into the rooms via ducts, making the fan point in the other direction. This would better point out how the heat (molecules in motion) is removed.

  3. wayne dilbert

    I love this training video. Please contact me and help me to get more of this training and the material related to the training. Thank you so very much, for providing this and all your training.

  4. Rosalinda Leialoha

    Great Training Video. Thank You!!

  5. Visar Kastrati

    Hello Ron. im very very thankful for this educ.vid,im in the HVAC trade about 15 years,and man im stil learning somthing new about hvac.

  6. samir khorasani

    thank you for this video 

  7. 2norbee

    wow!!! this is such a good training video, thank you Ron.

  8. Jeremy Douglas

    I have never fully understood how Air Conditioning works (as far as when/why the refrigerants would change state and how). I am an HVAC technician and this video has helped me so much! I finally understand the process completely! Taking the time at the beginning of the video to explain the pressures, what heat is, etc., helped lay down the foundation of AC. Best AC video ever! Thanks

  9. Ron Walker

    Here you go. In case you missed it.

  10. Leo Torres Colon

    Very educational

  11. MyProbationOfficer

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. 

  12. Cody Cook

    I've never found such a good video. Great lesson! I now understand the process. I haven't been able to comprehend it, but you teach it better than most.

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