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Me talking about doing an LVN-RN bridge program. Seriously, love the flattering pictures youtube picks for my video still frames, hahahaha.
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. Nizam Hamid

    How many units are LVN ? Thank you !

  2. Trisha Finley

    Admission in a nursing school is really a tight competition. Some even wait for years just to get a slot in their preferred university but with online programs, you can bypass waiting lists. You can also learn at your own pace and earn the required qualifications in your own convenience.

  3. bree2496

    btw, theres also another nurse on youtube named tanishasadvice and she got her rn degree at 22, n now she's in school for here master's as a nurse practitioner...amazing!

  4. MedAsstVera

    Hello Heather, I really enjoy watching your videos. You are doing an excellent job. Nursing programs are extremely competitive in my state too. I look forward to seeing the next step in your journey. Congratulations to you on all of your hard earned success!! :)

  5. gangstapenguin8r

    thats wonderful your husband was generous:) its great having the support from a spouse. did you choose a technical school or a college?

  6. Mabd1202

    First, Thank you for sharing this Video with us!! it helps!! it really does:))) ok back to my Question: I want to become RN Nurse in MN if you are in the state, I am just Senior in High school and I will star College on August 27, so Can i just do the RN with out doing the LVN??

  7. zinalar59

    i am also in an lvn program, and am having trouble finding a good bridge program. sadly, my lvn school does not offer the microbiology and a&p lab that most programs need., so that will also delay my entering a rn program. i am not married and am running out of money and will definitely have to work after lvn school. i will graduate at the end of january, after 12 months of school. good luck, i myself will start looking for a cna experience to help me through.

  8. judio721

    wow !!! your video really helped me thank you!!!

  9. gurjit gill

    wasting your time? If you work your butt off for 2 years you should be able to get in the program right away for RN. i wasted a year, but I wouldn't call it wasting. It was more like a journey to figure out why I didn't get in the first time. I brushed on what skills I was lacking, volunteered, got a job working for a doctor. You can get experience without getting an LVN. I don't have a degree and work for a doctor.

  10. bree2496

    this is what i really want to do, become an lvn first

  11. gurjit gill

    Oh and I got into the Rn community program. It took time but I got there. I don't know how it's like where you live. I rather waste a year rather then fork over 30,000 to get my LVN degree.

  12. Roxanne Rod


  13. vacev88

    Good info, Im starting school for lvn to rn and I was soo nervous...still am but...ahh

  14. Roxanne Rod

    What made you decide to be a nurse?

  15. MysteryoftheGods

    So, how hard has LVN now that you are done with it?

  16. Renee4christ

    You're almost there Heather! The route you're taking makes perfect sense :-)

  17. gorsneg

    people!!! DON'T WASTE TIME ON LVN!!! NO WORK FOR LVNs anymore~~

  18. Joseph I

    OMG i just started pharm today. the other day when i saw your vid i was like "WHHHaahh?? 0_o"

  19. mrsjazzy305

    I am doing the exact same thing as you. I am currently in the LPN program in med surg 2. N we are in break time... i graduate in Dec as well. Good luck and meet u at the top.

  20. KeziahCNAtoLPNtoADN

    Thank you Heather! thats exactly what I have been saying about the LVN-RN bridge program. Im sure I didnt say it as smooth. but thats what meant! lol!

  21. MsObservant

    I just finished my lpn-rn 2 days ago! I have to have a lpn job to move onto 3rd semester! I'm very happy with my decision! Ill start this August!

  22. Krystal Kbellamixtura

    This is an awesome Video! Im in Cali and doing the same exact thing as you r! Im in LVN right now and then will do a Bridge program :) After the first 5 weeks of Fundamentals of LVN I can test for the CNA certification so i want to get my CNA and just work a 12 hour shift over the weekends (aunt has a job for me) I agree with getting the experience so instead of waiting tables i want to do the CNA work :) My mom is also an LVN and says she wishes she would have had that CNA experience :)

  23. Dan P.

    interresting, i didnt know that.... other than what you were talking about, i like your nails and hair :]

  24. Mabd1202

    Thank you!!

  25. Ashley T

    I am going into the lpn program (live in Canada so courses are different) and hope to get into a bridge program BUT I just found out that I have to go to a specific college to get into the bridge program. The college I would have to go to is HORRIBLE! My goal is also to be in labour and delivery. It can take up to 4 years to get into the RN program (its time wasted like you said)

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