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Hey guys! This is just a quick follow up on my last video. Ugh all of my thumbnails look so stupid haha just ignore :) Renée:…

The students are developing their fighting skills further by battling each other.
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Comments ( 32 )

  1. Julianne

    @luckycharmz98230 Thanks i hope so!

  2. Julianne

    @ThirteenHealth Thank you!

  3. Julianne

    @Renee4christ Thanks Me too!

  4. Julianne

    @resen08 Thank you!

  5. Renee4christ

    Glad to see you back and smiling Juliane :) I look foward to you starting back! Thanks for the shout out!

  6. Jessica Armstrong

    YAY UR BACK!!!! I really love your vids, You gunna be a rock star this time around I know it.

  7. resen08

    WELCOME BACK ! im so excited to see more videos ! God bless u

  8. Connor Balschbach

    i have a new idea for monster school love or skelley has a girl friend ok sorry for my english im german

  9. Alen Arslonvic

    I feel bad for endie. I mean, He hates doing fighting, but he has to do it against his will. This bull man.

  10. luis miguel polig

    why did endie cry

  11. Natalie Ritchie

    I hate the baby zombie. -_-

  12. Jili Theeraviwatwong

    If Endie and Zupay are fighting each other, who will win? Bet 100% Endie.

  13. Aloysia Prakoso

    The Enderman killed his best friend cuz of the herobrim hypnotized him :( :) 

  14. Alec Chen

    2:23 Skelly knows magic he summoned a birch plank out of nowhere

  15. weng tai

    I like endy just teleports so good I pick endy

  16. Enderman


  17. Avan Ong

    Did Endie (Enderman) cry after he killed Multus (Wither)?!

  18. Keith Gamerz

    how about adding endermite and guardian?

  19. Patryk Stypulkowski


  20. Misty Wind

    A lot of people say that Endie is op. My guess is that he's... Different. Some people say that Herobrine is controlling him as well. I think its a combo of the two. Herobrine sees the potential in Endie, but Endie doesn't want to fight, so Herobrine forces him to. I also think that zupay was a ninja before he died and turned into a zombie. 

  21. Marissa Lane

    If I was that person being scared, I would probably be scared!.lol

  22. Riley Jones

    Endie is my favorite charactor

  23. Supersaiyan ACE

    XD the wither lost to the ender Man and baby zombie and his teacher is herobrian the wither is barly weaker than herobrian and the wither is stronger then the ender dragon 

  24. richie Thach

    I liked the sounds when the Enderman threw the wither skull back at the wither, and how the Enderman slapped the wither, lol

  25. FuturisticHub

    If this is an animation then I quit.

  26. LemonSplatter!!

    What is the music when mobs are fighting ?

  27. Poh Chee Leng

    Ender dragon? Endie scared big sizes but with human or he hated "face". That person considered dead.....

  28. fish butt


  29. Danae Cruz

    omg, the way that enderman cries.. its just.. i mean... im about to... I WANNA HUG HIM q_q

  30. Mo Latif


  31. PhotoDesignerAJ

    baby zombie is a dicker

  32. Alfie Templeman

    In real mc it's obvious wither would beat all of them

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