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Instructional Video for Provide Partial Bed Bath CNA Skills

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Graduation Highlight video of Jersey College Nursing School, filmed by Tampa School Videographer Randy with Celebrations of Tampa Bay. This was the commencem…
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Comments ( 27 )

  1. 4yourCNA

    @Brenda Dalton: 5 is the minimum if you are washing the entire torso, neck, face, back and two arms. The care plan states to only wash one arm, so 4 are sufficient. You are not graded on how many washcloths you use, however. 

  2. Alfred Alcantara

    in all the videos she never raises the bed to waist level. good videos but isn't that bad body mechanics?

  3. Mahonie Blue

    5 wash cloths or 4....

  4. Shade Elugbaju

    Thanks for all your videos, I passed my cna test this morning. 

  5. vegasdime brown

    I passed thanx patty

  6. John doe

    I had this skill for my CNA exam, I watched the video on my phone minutes before I took the skill and followed the steps exactly and passed. I don't understand what's all the criticism is about. Prometric does not test on how many wash rags you use or how you hold the wash rag just don't cross-contaminate and you will pass. Great video instructions!!! Thanks!

  7. Sapien1

    It's amazing to me that there are people on here who have not passed the exam yet, but they are "nitpicking" and arguing with the instructor on the correct way to do skills. Yay You Tube! It VARIES from state to state. A different way of doing something does not make it wrong.

  8. Becky Gardner

    THANK YOU for posting these videos. I was able to pass my CNA exam this morning all thanks to you! (:

  9. Esmeralda de la guerra

    after patient scoots over to the cna and then turns to the side to wash her back isn't then when you should put the towel on the back to protect the bed? ,on the video she makes patient lean forward to put the towel underneath her arm and shoulder unnecessary it seems to me, and will I fail skill if I just put towel underneath her back AFTER she turns to her side?

  10. 4yourCNA

    You do not HAVE to change to water, unless it becomes cold or soapy. Don't put soap or soapy washcloths in the water and work quickly and this will not be an issue. You can always say "I WOULD replace the water if it bcomes cold" if you wish, but it is not required. No, you do not have to lower the bed when replacing water, only when you leave the patient, because it is a fall risk for patients getting out of bed. Thanks and good luck.

  11. Randy TheRam

    RN student here, just want to say THANK YOU! for sharing. Not only do we need these skills for working as a NA through school to feed our hungry and poor selves, but I want to make sure MY PT's are well cared for in the future. XOXO

  12. faradilla attamimi

    thanks :)

  13. RougeTigre

    I am in FL and am about to take my exam. We were taught the "mitt"/"burrito" technique with the wash cloth. It is in our book as well. Does it matter if we do this four leaf technique or the burrito technique?

  14. 4yourCNA

    The rinsing washcloth isn't dirty...after washing, the patient is clean! You can use an additional washcloth, if the testing center has enough (but with testing 8 people a day, 3 skills each, supplies may run low) so that you do not have to place the rinsing washcloth in the basin. However, it is acceptable for the exam. Good luck!

  15. 4yourCNA

    You are partially correct. The exam will grade your handwashing at the beginning of every skill and it is acceptable to wash your hands before speaking to the patient. However, ideally, your hands should be washed before touching the patient and you should provide your introduction immediately so that the patient knows who you are and what you intend to do. You must also close the privacy curtain, which is considered dirty and this should be done BEFORE you wash your hands to keep them clean.

  16. 4yourCNA

    I am happy you are findin the videos helpful! Please let others know about our videos!

  17. icaspe

    Thank you for your videos. I passed my exam this week. :)

  18. marcelo gaye

    Hands should be washed before entering and touching Pt. or anything in the room. This prevents cross contamination from facilities hallways into the room!. Proctors will look for this in your skill demonstration!

  19. Trouble black

    i was told they do not want us to wear gloves doing this skill is this true or false

  20. 4yourCNA

    No, that is not necessary. Soap is applied directly to washcloths, not put into the basin so the basin only holds clean water (the dirty, soapy washcloths are not put into the basin after use - they are always set aside). Therefore, if you need to replace the water because it is cold, you would just dump the cold water out and refill the basin with warm water using a paper towel between your gloves and the dirty faucet. Thanks for a great question!

  21. mary castor

    I am in a care center in Calif. And this lesson I coming in handy and I use it on them if they don't do it right

  22. 4yourCNA

    You are very welcome! We are happy that you have found our videos helpful! Tell a friend or classmate! :) Good luck on your exam!

  23. Tabitha Heredia

    we were taught to use ONE basin... I use TWO. One for soapy funky water, the other for clean rinse water. It makes it much more simple than having to keep track of which wash rag is clean/dirty...etc. You will find the groove that works best for you, but cleanliness is vital for YOU and the resident.

  24. 4yourCNA

    That method is fine, if you have two basins available. However, you never put a soapy washcloth back in the basin when using a single basin, so the water never gets dirty, which is much simpler than tracking clean and dirty basins. But for the exam (and in clinical practice), that is fine as long as you remember which is which. :-)

  25. thumpaholden

    Thanks for your reply! That's helpful.

  26. Jersey College - Nursing School at Tampa

    Have you seen the video from our recent graduation for the Tampa Campus Practical Nursing (LPN) and Professional Nursing (LPN to RN Bridge) Programs? Check it out!

  27. CelebrationsTampaBay

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