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Instructional Video for Handwashing CNA Skills

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This step-by-step instructional video will demonstrate the proper way to wash your hands. This skill is demonstrated according to current CDC and Florida CNA…
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. 4yourCNA

    We currently offer 4 Hour Med Tech, Home Health Aide and EKG Tech online. At this time we are not offering CNA online. Here is a link to our online courses: Practicing skills at home? Use the proper supplies for maximum performance! Our student practice kit gives you all the necessary supplies to master the skills in any setting! Practice Kits $49.99

  2. Kerene Wright

    Hi do you have c n a classes on line ??

  3. CNAClassesOnline

    grean tutorial and nice info thanks

  4. 4yourCNA

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. I am unfamiliar with Illinois CNA reciprocity standards, so I cannot say. You should contact the Illinois state board of nursing for specific information on obtaining a CNA certification in that state. Our website (located at allcnas dot com) under the heading CNA registries has a list of all states with links to their board of nursing websites for each state. This will give you contact information for Illinois. Good luck!

  5. 4yourCNA

    @amountainwomyn Thank you for your comment! I am happy the classes are helpful for you!

  6. Jessica A

    No in Florida you can challenge the test...meaning you can apply and pay for it without attending a course. It makes it harder to find a job initially but I found one.

  7. 4yourCNA

    @ilenehos40 These videos are presented by an RN with 20+ years of experience and are prepared according to current CDC best practices. Thousands of students have used these procedures during their exam successfully! You can view the videos with confidence, they are accurate! Good luck on your exam. Consider purchasing our online program to enhance your understanding of each skill.

  8. datsxyma

    This is not correct ...NYC CNA IS TOTALLY DIFFRENT...

  9. 4yourCNA

    It does not matter how you dry your hands, as long as you do not touch unwashed areas of the lower arms, transferring germs onto the clean parts of your hands. If you check the clinical skills standards for Georgia, you will see that they do not specifically require patting dry. This is strictly a preference. You may choose to do this if you wish, but it is not required. Good luck!

  10. 4yourCNA

    No, it is not. This skill is demonstrated according to current Florida state standards, which can be accessed by visiting Prometric's website and opening up the clinical skills checklist. Please review that information to make a determination of whether this video meets current skills standards. I assure you, it does! These skills are demonstrated by an RN with extensive research into current Florida state requirements and adminstrator of a 120 hr board approved CNA program.

  11. 4yourCNA

    You may use either method to dry your hands. The important thing is that you do not allow the paper towels to wash unclean portions of your lower arms and turn the faucet off with a clean, dry paper towel. Good luck!

  12. nellynell77

    1.Don't let your scrubs touch the sink. 2. The water has to be 105 degrees . Great video

  13. SevenDeadliSins

    We arent allowed to do the tapping, also if the towel leaves your hand you have to throw it away. :x

  14. HmaLwyxx.

    For the exam are we required to wash our hands after each skill and do we still wash our hand for the required 20 seconds for each?

  15. vanessa Fawcett

    I just took a CNA course in Florida and we were taught differently. You must wash your hands for 20 seconds THEN move to your cuticles and in between your fingers.

  16. Hashannah Lewis

    so do you turn on th water with a clean paper towel and turn it of with a clean paper towel ?

  17. 01750456

    Go troll elsewhere. This class and teacher is awesome.

  18. 4yourCNA

    We are very happy that you have found our videos helpful! Best of luck to you in your new career!

  19. GlitchMuzik

    I would like to said thank you for giving these Cna videos if it was for the "4yourcna"channel i would have had a more difficult time of my exam. But thanks to you i passed with ease. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!

  20. 4yourCNA

    It is not necessary to use a paper towel to turn the water on. Your hands are dirty and the faucet is dirty. You are turning the water on to wash you hands. Any pathogens you encounter will be washed away. You MUST use a clean, dry paper towel to turn the faucet off (do not use the paper towels you dried your hands with because wet paper towels may rip and contaminate your hands with the dirty faucet). Good luck!

  21. SevenDeadliSins

    I need to move to florida, looks easier in my honest opinion. Haha. I wasnt saying this is wrong, I was just saying how it is in WA state. But with regards to the paper towel thing. They require that if it moves off your hand at any point you have to toss it away. So basically you would go through 20 or so paper towels to get each finger dried. None the less, its a good video. Informative and I will probably use it as a reference & keep in mind of the small things that are different. Thanks!

  22. 4yourCNA

    Handwashing (as well as many other skills) is not limited to one specific way. There are specific infection control procedures that must be adhered to (which are demonstrated by these videos). Your instructor's version may be just fine - but i have no way of judging that. This video demonstrates this skill according to Florida state standards. Please view the standards on Prometric's website to determine for yourself if your instructor's method is correct. Good luck!

  23. 4yourCNA

    @datsxyma State standards can vary from state to state and this video was prepared according to current Florida CNA standards AND national CDC standards. It is CORRECT. If you visit the Prometric website (NY testing agency) and look at the clinical skills checklist, you will see that all of the standards for handwashing in YOUR state have been covered in this video. If you have been taught differently than those standards, you may not pass! Good luck on your test!

  24. xploshan

    Hi 4yourCNA! I am gonna take my CNA exam 3 days from now here in California. Next month (June), I'll be moving to Chicago, Illinois. If I pass the test here in CA, will I just apply for a CNA license equivalency? Or will I take an exam again in IL in order for me to work? Thanks!

  25. zx656xz

    I pass the written test but flunk the skills test twice. I hope this video will help me pass my skills test this time so that I can move down here in Florida :)

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