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Powered by AWeber Email Marketing Tools This tutorial shows how to create an online training or online course using ProProfs Training Software. ProProfs provides a…

Training @ SAS ONLINE TRAINING ,Learn SAS Course Mode @ E-learning , SAS COURSE Duration : 35 DAYS, @ SAS CERTIFICATION Modules : SAS Clinical ,SAS BASE and …
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Comments ( 35 )

  1. Vamsee Vanaparthy

    nice video....for online training check a platform for trainers and trainees...

  2. akhil tiriveedi

    Online courses are for everyone. Even those who have not been studying for a long time can quench their thirst for knowledge by enrolling in an online courses. This is because you can pursue an online course from the comfort of your home. Today, a wide range of online courses are available to choose from gyanfinder

  3. Stephen Sequeira

    Very interesting video and great tool to use. thanks for sharing. 

  4. Jay Dhruv

    also Check out for online SAP ERP training.

  5. ryan muir

    Awesome video. Very informative and helpful. Well layed out presentation. Thanks again!

  6. Christian Neeser

    very nice video!

  7. Megan Smith

    Great video! Thanks for making it so easy to follow and clear! I am actually working on building my own company, and this would be a great tool to train people with and insure that they understand our product. Awesome way to teach others and track if they have followed along and completed the training course accurately. Thanks for sharing!

  8. BO123

    I find this very interesting. Very helpful given the importance of knowing how to make presentations, word documents, and financial models in today's workplace. That and many people are not as proficient in these tools as they should be. This sort of training is easy to use and disseminate

  9. georgepjr101

    Great video! It is very informative and clear. It seems like a great training, and easy to use. Thanks for sharing!

  10. daynauno

    I am really looking forward to trying out the software! It literally includes everything I need as a course instructor and looks as though it will keep up with organization for me. That's my biggest time consumer! I'm especially excited about being able to create a PowerPoint presentation on my phone that I don't have PowerPoint on.

  11. Sunil Kumar

    Hello I want to have online classes...

  12. Parveen Kumar

    Good training to learn base SAS and well organized material. Highly recommended to start. 

  13. Sravz Kapu

    how much do u charge for training

  14. Harpreet Attal

    How much do you charge for the course.

  15. Maya RK

    it is worth getting trained under Mr. Naidu.. for beginners' without any background. Thank you once again :)

  16. megana sandya

    hello... i completed B.Tech biotechnology.I want to join in SAS classes then what opportunities i got for my future job purpose?

  17. Narsi R

    good introduction video, detailed explanation, a good start for beginners.

  18. Vamsee Vanaparthy

    nice video....for online training check a platform for trainers and trainees...

  19. Ratheesh Chellappa

    Is weekend class possible Mr.Naidu?

  20. Naresh Vasani

    Excellent demo tutorial with all basic information about SAS for newcomer in SAS field. Great Work Naidu. Thanks for sharing this video publicly.

  21. Neeraja Batta

    Excellent demo and introduction for people who are seeking their career in SAS

  22. Divisha Patel

    This video helped me a lot. it broke a lot of it down in detail but it was just a little time consuming. It would be very helpful if this video was in more segments. 

  23. Ratheesh Chellappa

    This video is very good

  24. Lakshmi Gowthami

    Inspite of me not having any software background, I could still able to understand ur sessions very well. The kind of material provided by u, will definately make me a very good sas programmer. If anyone is looking to learn sas , I can surely assure Mr.Naidu is the right person. Thank u for ur sessions Naidu.

  25. Indunil Ruhunuhewa

    It was very useful thank you sir.

  26. Riya Sarang

    Video is great. The trainer is superb. He explains every concept very clearly which is very easily understandable. 

  27. Ratheesh Chellappa

    I tried so many videos but naidu class taught me from the basic....very good

  28. Riddhi Patel

    video is excellent and also well organized with the study material to understand in a proper manner. 

  29. Suresh Shrestha

    The classes he has been teaching is really down to earth and real time. Great job and keep it up the good work.... 

  30. Remya Tharun

    This online classes by Mr. Naidu is the right choice for those who looking for sas classes. Concepts are well explained so that even an absolute beginner like me in this field understands it easily. And as a teacher he is very helpful in clarifying any doubts. His positive approach and inspiring attittude will surely lead the students to success.

  31. Anu radha

    Mr.Naidu's training on SAS is very good. His training materials and teaching style is very unique. Mr.Naidu is the right person for SAS. Thank you!

  32. Soujanya Chilukuri

    Thanks Mr Naidu for providing excellent training on SAS and material as well.I recommend Great online training for those who are planning to learn SAS online.

  33. manu joshi

    this is an excellent training program, well structured and organised. even for non IT professionals like me can undergo this training conducted by Naidu. he teaches very well , and makes sure the concept is clear in our minds. if you are looking for a career in sas programming, you should definitely enroll in this training.

  34. Great Online Training

    For Training please contact : Contact : Naidu India Mobile : +91-9642359790 USA Phone: +1 (551) 226-6061

  35. shaik rasool tousif

    It was a good and understandable session

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