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Health Equity Scholars Program at Michigan Medical School

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The Health Equity Scholars Program (HESP) at Michigan was established in 2011 for the purpose of reinforcing the school’s commitment to serving indigent and …

Students at St. John Fisher College’s Wegmans School of Nursing get hands-on learning in a state-of-the-art simulation lab.
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Comments ( 7 )

  1. StJohnFisherCollege

    @jetsontherise: Since our students practice on real people during their clinical hours in a hospital setting, there is usually no need for volunteer patients. We thank you for your interest though!

  2. Those chest compressions sucked... She needs to compress way deeper than that.

  3. Edna Garcia

    that room looks very disorganized

  4. romario smith

    That's not compressions, what's that?

  5. StJohnFisherCollege

    @jetsontherise: Thanks for your comment! Simulation mannequins are used during these exercises to allow students to practice performing procedures for the first time without the anxiety of performing them on real patients. This helps the students become more confident in their abilities and develop skills such as teamwork and communication. They are an extra kind of experience—not an “in place of” experience. Students practice on real people all the time during their clinical rotations.

  6. StJohnFisherCollege

    Good luck @miulfelle !!

  7. miulfelle

    gosh, we're having a simulation at our virtual laboratory tomorrow!! I think i'm gonna panick! hahah! and i hate the sound of the infusion pump..XD

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