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GTA 5 Online – Flight School DLC Gameplay – All New Planes, Cars, Parachutes, & MORE!

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GTA 5 Online San Andreas Flight School DLC Update 1.16 – All new content included in the new DLC. Vehicles / Cars: Inverto Coquette Classic Inverto Coquette …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Comments ( 50 )

  1. Dale Hillhouse

    Did any of u just watch his stream? (:

  2. ZombieKiller647

    Noah there needs to be a money glitch for this update, everything is too damn exspensive 

  3. killian frazer

    Fuck cockstar they give us an update and every 10 minutes u freeze like seriously fix the fucking game 

  4. Jerry Keilitz

    Let's play a game. Count how many times noahj says "very very" in a video. XD 

  5. steijnmaster

    why the fuck is there a belgium flag and no dutch one

  6. Andre Moita

    I hate this dlc... 2 planes 1 car the school. 


    basically this dlc is a waste as we get to buy a (almost like a military fighter jet)jet but it doesnt have any offence material,a bigger luxer,a waste of a helicopter ,pethetic cars and the extermination of the beloved musket.Fuck you rockstar!

  8. zomban55

    This DLC is pretty much a slap in the face, Rockstar perfected the art of false advertisement and lies and put all their new knoweldge into one DLC to piss everyone off. I am so done with GTA Online and Rockstar in general. WHAT DO WE WANT? HEISTS!!! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!!!

  9. Javster

    Oh, look, a generic gta v channel asking for likes even though the content isn't vaguely original

  10. Sargent115

    Of course! Hate on a record selling game just because they didn't add what you guys wanted...gosh u guys are worse than CoD fanboys...gamers these days are never pleased! 

  11. Daniel Berube

    Noah you really put way to much work in you're videos like take a brake! You work too hard! You make like a billion videos a day! :D 

  12. Bobby Choy

    They will probably put the musket back just how they did it with the tommy gun 

  13. JWPthe3rd

    They even nerfed ROOFTOP RUMBLE I might cry R.I.P and they wonder why people do money glitches 

  14. Yours Truly

    the worst dlc ever in gaming history lol

  15. martynas papartynas

    oh you say free dlc they are making it so expensive so you have to buy shark cards to buy anything from that dlc

  16. MrPl0xygen

    So there is no combat uniform like their is in the trailer ? Damnit rockstar

  17. Harry singh

    This gives 1.5 miles hangers with planes for free to micheal and franklin. And it's free on xbox..... fuck u ps :D

  18. ChePennyDK

    Fuck this DLC and fuck Rockstar for hating on solo players, why do I have to forced to play with all the retard kids on Xboxlive to maximise my profit and RP gain.

  19. Quabingle

    I was a little disappointed with this DLC. I think they should have added some more features.

  20. NinjaPups

    Good video, they fixed the musket thing. I can still buy it and use it, i was wondering tho what happened yesterday, when it first released it disappeared. I really want a full Moto X suit tho!

  21. Boston Sports

    This update fucking sucks they added like nothing in this update. No tatoos, no new hairstyles, 1 new gay helmet, new parachutes which who the fuck cares about that, 1 new car that will cost you 900,000 with all upgrades, 2 new planes that will cost 2,500,000, and a helicopter that is 1,500,000. No army shit either, if they expect us to play this game for another month without a fucking update that's not happening. Rockstar thanks for making the dlc free but you fucked up this time and are gonna loose a lot of customers for the next month or even longer 

  22. bladerca

    Wtf my musket is gone >:(

  23. johnthabossXD cerqueira

    u said u paid 100 $ to show us that , then why didnt u just show it on solo its for FREE

  24. Ronan Lynch

    I'm pissed. My parents took my Xbox away 3 months ago for getting a c+, and I've missed three updates for gta. 

  25. Element_87

    This is quite a poor DLC ! But on the flip-side of the coin..i still have the musket so i don't give a shit Lol

  26. Craig98

    *Hey Guy's Hope You Enjoy The Video! Lots Of 1.16 DLC Glitches Coming Soon!! Please Drop A Like! And Thanks For The Support! <333*

  27. Jack Denny

    Stop ruining the game.

  28. David Thomas

    Shame on you all. Cheating and then moaning about how we don't have heists yet. Stop fuckin cheating.and play the god damn game properly.

  29. MatthewBruhh

    I have a VCAHAXMenu for the PS3. A VCAHAXMenu is something that let's you give other players RP, money, god mode, and more. If you want to be in one of these lobbies you have to subscribe to me and comment your PSN. I'll add you as soon as I get on. This is legit btw and i know some of you guys won't believe me but trust me, I'll add you 

  30. Elmo Romo

    Did they hotfix yet or nahh?

  31. Sir Weed



    ****HOTFIXED*** 20/08/2014 AT 00:18 Sorry - you can only sell vehicles worth up to $50000 please some1 else confirm this, as the dublication is working fine, i now have 6 ADDERS AND 4 XF ENTITY ...but none of them sell... :(

  33. incorparated

    thanks i sold for 200k! :D

  34. Luke Secord

    it says i can only sell vehicles worth 50,000!!

  35. Gary French

    When I try to sell my car it says you can only sell vehicles worth up to 50,000 what should I do help 

  36. Lauren Cabaza

    Yes it works ! :) does this bypass the 45 min wait ?

  37. Nandha Kumar

    do you by any chance know how to get this garages for free im new to gta 5 online i just have 13k any help is appreciated

  38. BLaZerHD

    What's the name of the song in the vid

  39. NizheadGaming

    I can log into peoples accounts and mod $2b if anyone wants but rarely anyone wants to risk their accounts. 

  40. Rocky Hidey

    I tried this real quick on my lunch break. It seemed to definitely expose a bug of sorts, But from what I discovered you have to press accept job EXACTLY before the garage menu pops up. I haven't got it to work yet and maybe I'm muffing it up somewhere, but I went and bought Apt 31 and 3, stocked the first one full of cars, and left a couple spaces open in the second one. I parked the Buffalo in the second and drove it out. hit it EXACTLY when the garage menu came up and then waited for the flash and all that good jazz. clicked quit job and appeared in my first garage that was full, it never asked me to replace a car in my first garage. It just had me standing there in my full garage. and my buffalo was sitting outside the garage when I exited. I'll try again when I get home from work in about an hour or so and update if I manage to pull this one off Regardless, this one takes some dedication to get right if it does in fact work.

  41. Louis Riley

    U can see me in the background 

  42. xXDerKingXx

    Still working?

  43. True Immortality Gaming

    You always help me with this stuff so thank you.

  44. michael gomez

    Does this work for ps3?

  45. Jaylan Phillip

    can you do this with adder?

  46. Minisova Herní videa

    Do i need to have to garages at same building? i dont have enough money to buy another in the building but I have another near from it :D

  47. crazymountaingoat

    Can you do this glitch with the zentorno

  48. heen1975

    Benheen02and neishyyy

  49. TheDeadlyBlueFlame

    Does it work with super cars?

  50. jordywoody14

    Do you need 2 apartments?

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