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KBM Talent online Contemporary class with Kelley Guise how to Warm up and Contemporary Choreography TAKE CLASS with AUTUMN MILLER FOLLOW SIMONE on youtube ( …
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Taking online classes? WATCH THIS! I spent a year taking classes myself and researching online ed from the student perspective – this video summarizes my fin…
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Comments ( 43 )

  1. JuYoung ii

    I always wanted to dance :) i love music and i always dreamed that i could dance like that and also other types of dances. I should get practices to fulfill my dream :)) 

  2. Carmen VeLo

    what is the final song?

  3. ayeluvubro

    after watching thinking of taking ballet again...u guys r SOO FELXIBLE!!! how do u do the splits?! and im thinking of doing gymnastics..

  4. Typer Alicia

    whats the name of the guy's song?

  5. Karen Adeyemo

    Tnx guys this really helped me and Ali of you guys are amazing dancers 

  6. Mulford Dance

    Contemporary music and combo

  7. Livie345

    Genneya is really peppy!! Shes so cute!

  8. Fantagegirl

    We do all of those stretches in my dance classes which is jazz ballet hip hop acro broadway lyrical ect.

  9. msdirection017

    Your next video is gonna be your 100th video!!!!!!! Make it count!!

  10. Phoebe Jones

    So this kind of dance is called contemporary?? It's amazing!! ~ Phoebe xo

  11. allieissocoollikee

    This is great! Thank you guys so much for doing these!

  12. seashelleyes1

    GORGEOUS combo! I really like it a lot. Maybe think about filming it in the mirror next time. I found it hard to pick up quickly when I was having to focus on reversing everything! Great class though! <3

  13. Haley P.

    This is amazing! I love it so much. :) Wish there were more online class like this. :)

  14. xxG0mezR0cksxx

    Autumn do you take pointe classes? just curious

  15. Kendall Gay

    How come you didn't introduce her brother? I saw him walk up.

  16. Ethan Gillespie

    your amazing

  17. Nadia Venice

    These videos are exactly what I've been looking for! They're perfect!

  18. brownthomas2011

    anyone know the name of the warm up song?

  19. Giulsss 59

    Hi! can you upload a video in which to put the whole warming up and stretching? please! p.s Autie i love you! ♥

  20. qaudro3226

    I can not keep my eyes of Sarah she picks up so well and a beautiful dancer she had such a talent Autumn as well ofcorse but i don't even need to mention that!

  21. Emily Rae

    I've watched so many of your dance videos and I've practiced so hard I can basically do every dance you put up here. I've always wanted to dance but was never good enough for a team. Just watching these videos helped me allot and now I'm on a official dance team. :D Thank you guys so much.

  22. Molly Keenom

    Even your mom can dance. Such a talented group of people..

  23. Tayllor McCaster

    i love Autumn. she is a beatiul dancer im a dancer and i never ever got dance lessons and when i went to my first classes at Ms.karens Dance Studio they already want me to try out for company so thanks to you Autunm thats how i got so good is beacause i looked at ur videos :))))))

  24. monester6

    cool!! my names simone!!!!!

  25. divinityinmotion _

    lol autumn spent so much time up there in the beginning intro XD shes so cute

  26. helponlineclass

    Here are some tips for Online Classes.......!!!!!!!

  27. lilbrodge

    I've been thing about taking online courses. I a good read but just don't like to read unless the subject is interesting. I think the fact it time consuming to read sometimes. I rather take a combination of online and reg classes. I think that would suit me best.

  28. Devin Goranson

    I am starting in January. So excited

  29. Leopold Birkholm

    I have the diagnose Asperger syndrome and I do not feel comfortable in crowded areas nor in classrooms. So online is very good for me. Thank you for a interesting video.

  30. Online Courses Australia

    When a student opts for an online course, he can exercise a control over his schedule. They can "go to a class" literally in their pyajamas and study from the comfort of their living rooms. Not only does it save them a lot of time, they an plan their daily routine well and can progress with the study material according to their own pace.

  31. Stephen Teng

    I'm considering online courses in the future. I'm worried about cheating because it's becoming a worldwide issue. Can there be online exams when books and notes cannot be used?

  32. Joe Barnes

    I've taken online courses through a local college. In my experience, online classes are harder to succeed at not due to the subject matter but due to the extreme discipline necessary to stay on course. One doesn't realize the menagerie of distractions that interrupt their study time. I ended up having to go to the local library when I worked on the courses.

  33. Paul Burbridge

    great video, thank you


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  35. Katie Mac

    I am procrastinating from my online ed class right now.

  36. levena upchurch

    I'm taking online courses and I enjoy it, but your right, it seems as if online colleges have to prove themselves.

  37. Christofer Espinoza

    Thank you very much! Great advise! I have to take online classes because for me they are way cheaper and allow me to study after work, but I feel that some online classes do not do enough to deliver material. Reading through a long chapter is really difficult so I usually tend to go on YouTube and watch videos about the topic. I just wish my teacher would do the videos himself/herself...

  38. Kat Kiefer-Newman

    Fantastic explanation of what makes online education great, a struggle, successful, etc!

  39. Luigi Gregorelli


    Taking an online class? Watch this first!

  41. Daniel Ramirez

    Thanks for this. Love your vids. Please keep them up. Subscriber here!

  42. Darksunshinerain87

    If they had recorded lectures in online classes things would be exponentially better.

  43. itselguapo

    Very great points in the video. I love technology and find reading A LOT more easier than writing notes down. (I hate horrible handwriting, sometimes I can't read what I wrote myself since I wrote it down so fast) I love the fact that I can just save a lesson using microsoft office 2010 and just study it from there. Perhaps in this day and age I know I have grown accustomed to using Technology in life more than writing on a piece of a paper. I know I can type faster than I write.

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