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Explaining how I my classes are scedules with due dates.
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Comments ( 18 )

  1. VWGTI

    Are those "do my home work" sites real or a scam? I wanna go back to college but I dont wanna retake any electives, I just wanna take the classes for my major.

  2. peaceful peasant

    Can you major in psychology at Ashworth?

  3. Michelle Watt

    Thanks for replying, to my comment. I have done some research on reviews about AU, and for the most part they were positive. The ones that were negative were about how they handle their financial Aid dept. This is what concerns me since I am using my Pell for tuition. Have you had problems with the FA dept, or tuition at all. Please share the down side of AU. I need to know the truth. Please.


    this was a good one

  5. Paul Hernandez

    Good review on the online courses, I'm applying to Ashford University and am new to the whole college and online thing so this helped me somewhat, thank you ! =)

  6. Maggles42389

    @helloogoodbyee Glad you got something good out of it. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me! I am happy to answer everything

  7. Maggles42389

    AU is just short for Ashford Unviersity

  8. Maggles42389

    I use to have trouble with my financial adviser not responding either by phone or email, to the point where I was having to get in touch with my academic adviser so that he could send things to her. But Ashford recently went through a change where your academic advisor is also your finanacial advisor. Since then I have had no problems

  9. Michelle Watt

    I'll be starting my online classes with AU next month. Have you finished your degree with AU yet? How do you like AU, is it a good University?

  10. Highnoon12oclock

    im just getting started on my online search for an online college, what does AU stand for?

  11. Paul Hernandez

    @Maggles11808 Why thanks, I might need to get some things cleared up since it's been a while that I've been in school and am new to this whole online college thing. Thank you for your kindness =D, we will be in touch.

  12. Maggles42389

    that happened on Sunday it was just easier to get them done and out of the way. Most teachers if you post the day before or day the assignment is due, it is fine. Its always best to message each individual instructor and just ask "what is your policy on posting work early" just to make sure you know if they accept it or not. The last thing you wanna do is post early to get ahead and end up losing points because they dont find it acceptable

  13. Estelana Valenzuela

    your welcome

  14. Maggles42389

    Your welcome. Thats why I love having done this and all the videos I did about school. I figured lots of people could use the experience

  15. Allyson Yaecker

    I know this video was posted a while back but I'm just starting AU. Question: Can you jump ahead? By that I mean, can you do assignments in advance or no?

  16. Estelana Valenzuela

    i start my first online college next month at crown college i log in onces a week and do my work im excited your video has held me thank you friend

  17. Maggles42389

    I have finished my BA, but I am extending my time more by picking up a minor in Psychology. For the most part I have really enjoyed AU. When I started I was a military spouse and the benefits they were able to give me were amazing and I really enjoy the time that I have spent with Ashford. There have been some down sides, but I just remind myself that all parts of life have ups and downs, pros and cons.

  18. Maggles42389

    You can ALWAYS work ahead. What I found it best to do, especially if I knew the upcoming week was going to be really busy for me or I might not be able to get work done on a particular day was to write the Discussion post or the assignment and save it in Microsoft Word so all I had to do was copy and paste it to the forums the day it was due, or the day before it was due. With quizzes I also found it easier to take them on Friday or Saturday, instead of on Sunday, just because with things

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