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This is my back to school video about what you need to know about online college courses. I didn’t know anything about online courses until I took I…
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Comments ( 32 )

  1. Jazmine Smith

    I know I'm late,but I really want to take online classes, but I don't know how many classes I should take per semester. If I take one class wouldn't it take me FOREVER to graduate ? I was thinking about 2 what do you recommend 

  2. underwood339

    What was your major? Or did you take individual course?

  3. BombshellZaneTV

    Even though this is an old video... this is the only one that helped me with knowing how taking online classes could be. Thank you!! : )

  4. Raenelly7

    That is awesome! Congrats! I'm hoping to have my Associates in May:) I can't imagine doing school and taking care of two children, parents like you are heroes to me <3

  5. Raenelly7

    Right now I'm majoring in "General Studies." I take three to four classes a semester. I started in the Summer of 2011. My goal right now is to transfer fall of 2013. Hopefully get my associates where I am now this Spring.

  6. venturadiaz

    I know this video is old, but I am a new subbie...just wanted to say I take classes online too. I went for that because daycare was just too much. This way I study at home and take care of my girls. I find it better for me, less stressful. I take classes at Columbia College and so far, this year I'll be getting my Bachelor degree. Online classes at the school I go to are on a fast pace, every 8 weeks, but as long as you know how to manage your time, you're all set!

  7. venturadiaz

    Awww....Thank you hun...wish you the best!

  8. Victor P.

    thanks this helps a lot

  9. KaceesLife

    @dustinxrx Haha this video was right after I got them on...I talk a lot better now!! Hahahah

  10. dustinxrx

    Oh goodness, braces, 8 years of my life taken by you lol


    @KaceesLife humm! very well put i thank you for that information . I'm going to take CRIMINAL JUSTICE. and good luck with your future.

  12. KaceesLife

    The only course I considered to move really fast was history online, during the summer. DO NOT suggest that one! Everything else is fine as far as paced. You have a week (most of the time) to get your assignments in and then tests and quizzes are timed. Good luck!

  13. Luis Castillo

    I love her annoying voice.


    certificates is the only thing that matters i guess

  15. kirby4d

    There has to be a better way to separate people. Because even jobs that have no need for a degree are starting to require one. $10 an hour jobs that will never pay down your debt.

  16. Estelana Valenzuela

    i start taken my online college class next month i only have to log in onces a week and do my work for that week go crown college im going to be a youth counselor two year college

  17. KaceesLife

    @AzureParagon I would recomment an actual physical calendar...just because (for me) I like to write things and as I do them, cross them off. Or if plans change, I can see where I crossed it out and changed it. I think I'm just weird though so do whatever fits you best!!

  18. MegaBruceleroy

    Wait wait.. Did u say u get ur assignments on sunday NIGHT and they're due on MONDAY?.. Da fuck.. Im scared shitless now.. I start FALL semester with 4 classes.

  19. SaintWilliamIII

    I know that there are great teachers out there who care and take pride in teaching because I've had some of them. Some of the best teachers are actually teaching on youtube for free and then some charge. When I go to college, I go to be taught by experts who have the ability to teach; a degree doesn't make them gifted teachers. If you aren't going to be taught, then buy a book and study on your own.

  20. TheRandomLife

    Your video would have been helpful 4 years ago when I started college. I graduate this december and I couldnt agree with you more. I personally hate online classes but thats because im a # 4...procrastinator... queen procrastinator lol. great video

  21. Oscar Robles

    Thanks, this was very helpful :)

  22. brunettecutie4

    They recommended that freshmen don't take an online class, but I think I am going to take Intro. to literature online. I took 5 college classes as a senior in high school, so I'm slightly accustomed to college. Do you think that will be a good class to take online? I'm not sure what online classes are like, so i would appreciate any advice. Thanks, and great video! :)

  23. Kenzie509

    what happens when you take a test at an online college course? how does that work? is it always open book?

  24. joseph medley

    very helpful video, exactly wat i neede, im taking first online classes this semester, thanx for the heads up!!!

  25. KaceesLife

    @BRESLINE Thank you! I don't usually think of myself as a procrastinator but here lately it seems to be that way! But the thing I love about online, you can be a procrastinator all week and then the day your stuff is do, you can completly fake it and not have to memorize anything if necessary. Not like I've done that or anthing.... :)

  26. micol pavie

    Thank you :) I lub your videos

  27. KaceesLife

    @3WIRES I'm sure you'll do fine! Thank you, same to ya!!

  28. KaceesLife

    Thank you!! And no, I havne't gotten a new camera yet, but I'm going to! I just mess with the videos a little in moviemaker (notice the B&W :)) and then upload them to youtube and the audio matches when I do that! Are you taking online in the fall? I have 2 online and 1 campus.

  29. KaceesLife

    Most of the assignments I have received start on Monday morning and then are due at midnight that following Sunday. Don't be scared! I'm going full time in the fall with 2 online and 2 on campus. Good luck!

  30. DriftyAlison0

    I took an online class and I used to be a real bad procrastinator. I have improved over the years and I agree with the points on this video. I prefer the traditional way, however I was glad to take an online class.

  31. copnite12342

    i think i’ll just go to class:) i like having a laugh with teachers.

  32. Re Re Key

    Take it from me I'm an A student, but when I took online classes I made F's.My computer crashed and I had all kind of problems. Beware dont take online classes.She is so right! I wasted my financial aid money and now I have reached my limit!

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