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CNA Essential Skills – Hand Hygiene – Washing Hands Properly (4:03)

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For CNA students – How to wash hands properly before working with patients. Gonzo-style video filmed and produced by RHM Photography, LLC — Contact at rhmph…

How to apply a knee-high elastic stocking onto the foot and leg of a patient. Gonzo-style video filmed and produced by RHM Photography, LLC — Contact at rhm…
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Comments ( 50 )

  1. pringle2k4

    As of September 2014, we were told to use a different clean paper towel to turn of each faucet.

  2. Lucinda Ludwig

    She has her watch or a bracelet on while she is washing her hands! Incorrect!

  3. Kymee Myers

    shouldn't she take her bracelet off?

  4. Maricela L

    I passed my test on 6/7/2014

  5. onelovelle

    The hand drying thing in CA isn't exactly as abgg77 said. Granted that may be how she might have been taught and passed. I'm certain the point is to not overlap where you dried. So from fingertip to arm or arm to fingertip doesn't matter as long as its one swift efficient movement with one (set of) paper towels per hand. Again that's just how I was taught and passed hand washing myself. Good Luck and Congratulations to all.

  6. shelbalinacarey

    Taking my test soon thanks for the video! Here in UT we can't wipe our hands dry we have to pat due to damaging the skin!

  7. D Floyd

    I plan to take my exam soon and the only trouble that I have is checking blood pressure.. but these videos are real helpful. thanks

  8. P Campbell

    This is FANTASTIC! I completed the CNA course & I am currently studying for the state test. The problem is our instructors really couldn't answer specific questions re. the test being they are not allowed in the room during testing, even as observers. So happy to see this step by step program. Thank you so very much. The instructor is absolutely wonderful and informative.

  9. Timothée Capot

    Turn off that sink! Such a waste of water!

  10. Kristine Rena

    our instructor said.. use different paper towel to dry everyside of the hands.

  11. vhangverzosa

    I'm from anchorage Alaska, thank you so much coz I passed the exam last week through the help of your awesome videos........

  12. Elane Horhi

    oh my god! she put soap and water all over her watch! Did it stop working? Our teacher asked us to take them off during the test so there are no distractions (and you still would have a working watch).

  13. R Mayer

    Awesome! Way to go! Glad we made them public instead of just keeping them for our school. :)

  14. senorbaconhawk11

    Thank you so much for posting these! I am sort of freaking out about some of the skills for my test.

  15. Tracey Smith

    I am so Happy I found this ....I REALLY LOVE IT!!..I take my exam next week..I'm sure I will pass with the help of God 7 these videos...THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting these together for the public..I'm N.C, & the Instructor in the videos follows all 22 steps appropriately...she is SUPERB...

  16. duncan89able

    i havent done my state exam but i just saw the her first mistake and that was wearing stuff on wrist

  17. Dede Moo

    Is there a new method for handwashing now? I am in fl and they showed me some add on's to this skill.

  18. abgg77

    haha in CA you dry your hand from the fingertips down to the arm not to the arm and down to the fingertips.

  19. R Mayer

    Janet, wishing you the best from our end of the rainbow to yours! The same goes for all of you out there prepping for your state exams!!

  20. Desiko Setiawan

    you know what .. I saw all your videos 3 hours before I took my 1st state exam today.. the result I PASS both them (written & skills exam) thank u very much for sharing this video,, god bless u ^^

  21. Katar Sunderland

    the use of paper towels in this video looks wrong to me.

  22. destiny sesay

    Thank you guys very much for this wonderful skills video if it was not for this skills i would have not pass. i leave in california and i just did both my written and skills today and i pass. while i was doing my skills i was just thinking of what you said and is like i was seeing you right infront of my eyes. and was actually speaking like you. hahahah. i thank God i pass.

  23. jeffadesanya

    That is quite the waste of water while lathering.

  24. R Mayer

    Multieater, you know that luck is nothing more than when preparation meets opportunity. If you've been watching these videos and studying (preparation), then on Friday you'll have an opportunity to share your new-found there it is! You'll do well. :)

  25. R Mayer

    I feel so, too, but I will have to let the instructor address that issue. I remember her saying something about not contaminating the hands by touching the faucet handle, or something like that. I do a lot of camping and have learned to take a complete shower in 1 litre of water from a special bottle I designed years ago, and was once featured in Backpacker Magazine. In fact, I think I'll create a video on that as soon as the weather warms up a bit. :) Water is precious.

  26. Alvaro Galdamez

    This is honestly one of the hardest skills to learn as a CNA

  27. chris dobosz

    I Love R Mayer's video's, very professional and unnecessary parts of the recordings are cut off! Short and sweet!

  28. Brittany Nicole James

    You are a Godsend, Thank you!

  29. Bradley Rash

    this is probably the hardest skill to perform this was nicely done

  30. Katey Mallow

    Putting an elastic stocking on a dummy is one of the hardest things to do. Kudos to this woman. These videos have proved gems as I have my skills exam tomorrow. I have been watching them religiously and they have helped me so much :) Thank you!!

  31. Alyssa McDermott

    I am taking my skills test tomorrow, for the second time, hopefully this calms my nerves enough so I don't make any dumb mistakes like last time.

  32. Jasmine Rockett

    Wonderful I will be using all for my test.

  33. undefetableninja047

    this technique really helped my mom on her skill training. thank you

  34. pamela parker

    i love your technique

  35. Semi White

    Videos are excellent, im planning on challenging the state exam, and now I feel extra confident, that I will pass

  36. tessa love

    take my exams tomorrow morning,.. wish me luck & thanks for the videos

  37. Laneka Wilson

    What state you role your state exam

  38. Kari Gallagher

    Thank you SO much for these videos!!!! I just passed my state test thanks to your wonderfully clear and thorough videos! It was so generous of you to post these online.

  39. Mark Shera Cruz

    the doctor asked me to put an elastic stocking, isn't it that CNA's cannot take orders from physician/doctor?

  40. Eureka Pretty

    I am going to take the CNA exam this coming November 16 and this video really helps me. Thanks a lot for posting this video. My Instructor in the training Center did not show us the proper way in putting anti-embolic stocking.

  41. Michel Okonda

    call light???

  42. R Mayer

    Congratulations, Kari! We're so glad that we could be a tiny part of your success! Keep up the great work!!

  43. Aaron Ben Comis ABC

    Good video helped me learned something of how turning the stocking inside out and grabbing the heel of the stocking.

  44. R Mayer

    I hope the video instruction will help, as I imagine you'll have other opportunities! Good luck!

  45. Charmeee12

    I just passed my CNA state exam in CA, and my oh my there's really nothing to be nervous about. haha. Me and my mom passed just by watching your vids. Thank you :) though i feel sad to others who did not pass. I recommended your vids to them. haha :)

  46. jolie le

    Hi Jumer , I have State test on next week tues for cna , what state are you in ? any good tips for State exam ? thanks

  47. Heidi Nickerson

    I love this instructor. I am doing my state in Pa the 7th of June and for practice since i live alone is to watch the skill videos she is performing.I AM CONFIDENT AS A RESULT OF THIS ILL PASS

  48. jumerjumper

    I passed my CNA exams yesterday! It was such a breeze! Just keep in mind the things to do in the beginning and in the end. Don't get nervous, that will make you forget the steps. Just be calm and think about safety, dignity and cleanliness. Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for these videos! Helped me a lot in familiarizing everything! God bless everyone!

  49. Chelsey Zurfluh

    This is a very nice video...Good acting too = )

  50. scrambledegg81

    Dangit, I was wondering how to do that properly. Just had my first day at a convalescent center (for class) and I was having problems with those socks. :)

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