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CNA Certification Test Examination Questions And Answers

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Comments ( 25 )

  1. Mary Yeboah

    Please my dad is moving to another state. He wants to do the CNA training course. He want a short training course to get his certificate. For all the CNA courses that I have seen so far, you have to go to College but my addy want the trainig course just to get a certificate. Can u please help him ...

  2. altha 2014

    Thanks for the posting. is there anyplace that has a full copy of an exam?

  3. Genet Gebremichael

  4. Mary Carver

    I just relocated to N.C. from Georgia And I am in need of RETESTING. I don't need to take classes just retest. I have been a c.n.a. for over 20 years. Are there free classes offered?

  5. tinkyemma sofia

    tnx for sharing

  6. Judith Ramirez

    Thank you soo much I'm really nervous I take my state test July 2 I hope I pass 

  7. Dignorah Villar

    Quier pasar mi examen

  8. Kate Russell

    Wonderful video.....

  9. Mary Carver

    What are the steps to c.n.a. retest?

  10. zimni08

    Thank you.. i will have my test this coming Tuesday. 

  11. Taebayful

    Does this help in taking the exam in Texas?

  12. Terry Glass

    Nice Point Rita in your area. On the other hand in Australia CNA's are called AIN's. They are in demand and employers pay above the award rates to attract staff.

  13. debralee111

    is the ny state practice exam? are all these questions will be on the exact state exam/? i woul dlove to know thanksso much..;)

  14. LTDanno360

    This test is Soo easy i aced it in 2 States

  15. hasabajo1

    I have been a CNA (or RCT resident care technician at the nursing home) and in my state it is only required to take 75 hours of the class and then take a writing and skills exam. and the reason why CNA's make less money is because of corporate and state, which regulates all of the OSHA and HIPPA compliants....They make all the rules and regulations and get paid the big bucks. Rita Hayward, my blog about CNA - 12:25:21

  16. Danielle Ridgon

    The link at the end was so useful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Terry Glass

    The idea of the video was to introduce our main website where we have the complete questions and answers for practice purposes. We believe that such a sample test can only help and prepare you for the upcoming theory exam.

  18. Ellen Devito

    I am OUTRAGED that CNA's spend more time and effort cleaning and learning how to clean rear ends and little attention is spent on ORAL HYGIENE - this orafice is the DISEASE CENTER of the human body!! It is the human PETRI DISH!! CNA's LEARN HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR RESIDENT'S MOUTH, TEETH, DENTURES, please!!! PAY ATTENTION! The need for oral hygiene in ALF's and Long Term Care is REAL & MISSING! My school to certufy CNA's will include the "Fresh Breath 4 Life Program", Ellen DeVito,RDH

  19. Rhonda Durfee

    Are these the question on the test?Rhonda

  20. Kiko Pogi

    what state are u in

  21. zy leah

    Is this practice test good for FL

  22. Taebayful

    Cool. Thanks :)

  23. myint naing

    how to be come a good CNA

  24. Terry Glass

    The main site is listed above under Description. Go through the sample exam on that site and become confident in your own abilities. The questions and answers are mainly on your daily activities so just gain a clear perspective and be confident. Don't over think the questions, the answers are often very obvious. Good luck

  25. debralee111

    hi i live in ny state. staten island. . and i wanted to know if this is the real ny state can exam practice test and should i study from it.. if anyone can comment to my message here i would appreciate it thanks !! please feel free to leave your comments below. or on my youtube page you can also find me facebook or email. good luck too all the cna;s !!!

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