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Can online education help you find a job? Where can you find online college rankings? CNN reports.

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CNN interviews’s Vicky Phillips about online education and distance learning, which can help you find a new or better job. Been told you need…
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. Ashley S

    I'm currently attending Chico state getting my bachelor's in Psychology. Once I graduate, I'm going to get my masters online. I can't wait because I'm not a fan of traditional schooling. 

  2. Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis

    The only thing I hate about complete online learning is that, you have to do all the learning by yourself. I seriously get all my instructions off of youtube. The textbook is really just there to guide me.

  3. Sunil Thapa

    interesting points ,if anyone else wants to uncover find a job online try *Greega Incredible Worker Guru* (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it. 

  4. Windinmysails71

    Very informative, thanks for the video!

  5. Get Educated

    Thanks for spreading the word, William! We are incredibly proud of our free service, the Diploma Mill Police. We're glad you found it useful :)

  6. Get Educated

    It's very true that students can end up paying MORE for online courses. The trick is to look for an online college that is non-profit, public, and based in a Southern or Western state for the most affordable sticker price!

  7. ezkeyboardkid58

    another advantage is that you dont have to worry about teachers teaching you wrong because you are learning directly from the textbook manufactures also you get ebooks of the exact same books so it cuts the tuition costs

  8. Rourba Rarib

    I pay more when taking online courses. I prefer see a teacher and asking questions.

  9. Walks Through Life

    Great to know, thanks for the video!

  10. Get Educated

    Hi! First, yes, just like a traditional brick and mortar college, you must pay tuition to enroll at an online college. However, there are scholarship and financial aid opportunities just like you would find at traditional colleges. Second, online college admission requirements vary by school but many only require a high school diploma or GED to enroll in a bachelor's program. Some may require the SAT or ACT as well. Best of luck!

  11. Prehistoric Channel

    I don't see anything wrong with an online education. I was pleased to see that someone has finally written a book on this subject. The books called "You Have A College Degree, Now What?"

  12. Chris Edwards

    If I ever had someone apply for a job with an online MBA, or basically any online degree for that matter, I would laugh them out of my office. The only things online universities have done is dilute the value of an actual degree.

  13. Nayan Kumar

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  14. Eric Hathaway

    @qqqTOXICqqq ok

  15. O__________O

    It's absolutely beautiful

  16. alvinjaques

    Not all online education institutes are spam, yes there are spam colleges but one should always look for accredition that too from a reputed organization. Always look carefully for accreditation before enrolling via online education.

  17. Get Educated

    Hi there! GetEducated is NOT an online college, university or other degree granting body. Rather, we are a consumer's guide to online education, publishing exclusive rankings of affordable degrees and other advice for online students. CNN did feature GetEducated in a news segment in 2009 as a valuable tool to help prospective students find accredited online degrees & other resources.

  18. Get Educated

    Such a good point! Thanks for spreading the word!

  19. CollegeStudentMatt

    Online classes are a super awesome way to get the education you want. The classes are more flexible and you get to pick the time you do your homework. It is no wonder that the lady in the video picked to do it online since she had a family and other responsibilities.

  20. qqqTOXICqqq

    I'm thinking about going to law school...LOL

  21. ForeverGodsServant

    please does anybody know if you have to pay to go to online college and if their are any test to get in????????

  22. DoradoCatfish

    Calamus is unconventional, but it is a good school if regional accreditation is not an issue for you. You can complete a degree flexibly but you do need to work for it!

  23. Eric Hathaway

    @qqqTOXICqqq hey do not let the education system run your life please think for yourself and read your Holy Bible

  24. RainbowTV HD

    Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing GetEducated also offers the free Diploma Mill Police service to help you avoid degree mills and other scams.

  25. mplsridah

    Is geteducated accredited? Isn't that institution the same one CNN did a report on back in 2005?

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