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CA Ankita Mehta Patni – IPCC law lecture

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Best video for IPCC law.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. WAADA

    To be honest enough, i... i really fell in love with u, i dont know 'should i say this or not' cuz im in IPCC but u r the best gal (teacher) i have seen. u have great attitute, u have extremly meledious voice. u r simply amazing. (sigh) I REALLY LOVE YOU. :'(

  2. Booth Nath

    GR8....but request not to move your body too much. It'll be nice if you try speaking without moving your hands/arms too much.

  3. karra varaprasad

    excellent madam.....................but please........speak completely in English only............many of them dont know hindi

  4. Vijay Oak

    Ankita Madam, it was indeed a nice lecture. Your style of teaching is very unique. The blending of Hindi & English makes your lecture very interesting. Hope you will post some more lectures. Dr. Vijay Oak


    Madam.. really a good lecture madam. One request madam, Points you conveyed in Hindi, Please repeat it in English also so that we can also understand. Please post more lectures. Your voice is very majestic and nice and your handwriting on the board is also very legible and good.

  6. Toppers classes

    really a marvellous teaching method

  7. Sravana Kumar

    Excellent Teaching mam .....!

  8. Shashank Sharma


  9. prasanth muthu

    pls talk fully in ENGLISH ! so tat everyone in India can understand !

  10. Om Prakash

    plz upload more class and thanks for this lecture 

  11. Shankari Shiva

    excellent teaching.. and where is sec.2 lecture.. please post more videos... 

  12. Fasi Uddin

    plzzz upload more class video.....

  13. Ajay Tomar

    very nince 

  14. tellingfeeling

    thanks mam 

  15. Sandhya Bansal

    Plz upload more class video

  16. Bibek Maskey

    beauty with brain

  17. Swanay Mohanty

    Amit Popli is the best no matter what anyone else does

  18. Rajnish N

    she is beautiful..

  19. hi

    Excellent teaching

  20. Shubham Agrawal

    VERY BALANCED LECTURE .......................

  21. Ideal Rewari

    Very Nice ...

  22. Srinivasa rao Bhupathi


  23. Aditya Gujrathi

    Amazingly perfect!!

  24. Aditya Gujrathi

    Amazingly perfect!!

  25. swapnil patni

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