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Becoming a Registered Nurse : How to Become a Registered Nurse

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Becoming a registered nurse requires taking several college prep courses like math, science and a foreign language and enrolling in an accredited nursing pro…

Based on my personal experience.
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Comments ( 26 )

  1. Duc Tran

    Why is she wearing a lab coat? The only nurses who I see wearing lab coats are NPs.

  2. luis vargas

    Fuck fool, this shit sounds so complicated. I am enrolling into a college that has a bsn program. I just completed my trig, psychology, enlish 1a, hdev, nutrition, and my art requirement. Am i on the right path? And also, is the bsn progrman at my college trust worthy?

  3. courtney saibic

  4. Cloudforever99

    This video is simply not encouraging. I want to be motivated and encouraged , not feel encumbered. I'm sure she is a nice person , but nonetheless a bad presenter for this video, Cheer up!!! = )

  5. Vickish Love

    blah now changed now I changed my mind. I rather major in medical records or sterile processing tech

  6. Angel Pliego J.R

    Im a EMT student ambulance and is hard paramedic is even harder imagine RN wow is hard 

  7. Jay S

    Various healthcare professionals wear lab coats, from Nursing staff, Dietary, Physical Therapist, take your pick. Even Speech therapist. 

  8. Ashley Saunders

    Wow. This lady is really wrong. Don't get discouraged by this video!

  9. 1bobbob1bob

    You don't have to be bi-lingual. That's what the language lines are for.

  10. Thao Lam

    Thanks u so much for sharing those information :) U speak very clearly that make me understand easily .

  11. Gloriia Torres

    makes it seem so diffucult...

  12. nur kamal

    thank u so much. less words more information. great job

  13. marsha marsha

    blah blah blah annoying ass voice

  14. Kaybee Roxx

    Sounds so difficult. -.- 

  15. kev mckay

    Nope, I dropped out in grade 10. Now in second semester 

  16. Allison Medich

    Yikes Salina... looks like you should find a new career field. If you're that unhappy... move on...

  17. Ninaa Tello

    do you really need to be bilingual??... -.-

  18. lin alex

    The Constitution of the United States needs a Nurse and a Doctor too....OBAMA SIGNS NDAA . You Tube it. 730,000 views.

  19. staymybaby101

    damn n i wanted to be a nurse too i should've took school more serious!!

  20. prettylittlelife

    why is she holding a pen for so long?

  21. magickunderpants

    Most nurses come out of diploma mills that take C avg. students who sit on a wait list. I have a BSN to 50 CON went on scholarship and my universities own hospital system will not hire me. I graduated in 2009.

  22. Ruby Gomez

    ok why is it so bad? i mean i was just thinking to take an RN program for 2 years in a community college and off my way. will sumone plz tell me why this is so bad?

  23. Maria Panfilov

    Yeah your SATs and ACTs results are really important

  24. DayeDayeX

    And you don't need much math to become a nurse

  25. 2ndSamuel710

    For a best web site on autism- causes & cures: fourteenstudies. org/index.html Site reviews studies that contend vax do not cause autism. Those studies R ALL rife with conflicts of interest- authors with chutzpah to be on Big Pharmakeia's payroll while pretending to be watch dog protecting people's interests! Also studies that support that vax do cause autism & other disorders. In searching 4 truth in conspiracies- follow the $- ask who profits? Bottom line- NO vax EVER safe or effective!

  26. riceluv

    Is a personal statement a requirement? I noticed most colleges in my area don't ask for that. Would attaching a resume or a letter of recommendation help? I'm looking to apply to community college programs in San Diego because it's too costly for me to be in an Accelerated Bachelor's Program (I have a BS in Public Health). I'm also a CNA. 

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