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Atrocious AZ~ Trailer Trash nurse puts fecal matter in IV

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CHANDLER, Ariz. — A 65-year-old Sun Lakes woman Rosemary Vogel faces felony charges of attempted first-degree murder and vulernable adult abuse.Police said …
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Comments ( 25 )

  1. Shanteria Johnson

    You need your own television show Ti!

  2. brownsugarcandie2007

    WHAT...THE...FUCK?! I hope they lock her muthafuckin' ass UP, and throw away the got damn KEY! I swear, bitches get crazier BY the day. And YES, they do need to check her shit, because she could have actually killed someone in the past, with this disgusting shit.

  3. Bubbl3sCupcake

    ................................................................*lowers head* is this woman serious?!! 

  4. keitumetse Mabuza

    She looks cold and evil. Maybe he refused to take her shit ,so she decided to give it to him. Terrible joke. Luckily for him she didn't succeed.

  5. Brianna Mayson

    Smh. Nowadays you can't have life insurance on your head to help your family for shit !! You go out of your way to pay insurances to make sure your family doesn't get swallowed by your depts. and other funeral expenses and what do they think of doing in exchange for that or as a thank you ? Fucking kill you sooner -_- .....Like wtf man. Smh. That's why when you get life insurance on your head, keep that shit hidden until the day you actually die so no one knows or make it part of the will and keep that shit hidden too Got dammit. 

  6. Jazzy Rachel

    This a snapped episode for real!! Like wtf!!!!!

  7. Justin Luis

    I think that is some sick shit. Literally. I mean who does that? Obviously she does. Carrying around syringes filled with fecal matter in her purse. Disgusting bitch.

  8. MrMiamiswaggz305

    She might have been abused.... We'll never know haha.

  9. PieceOfArtwork13

    That awkward moment when you suddenly get the urge to take a shit while listening to this news story...

  10. Brianna Steele

    she tried to kill him with shit WTF! 

  11. RandomMsjattic

    I love your channel , because theses stories are mind blowing. I live in Canada , our news is wack comparing

  12. Charles Gregory

    This woman has a shitty ass spirit. I agree with you Ti that they should look into her background, BUT this story is so odd that it somewhat leads me to believe that there was more going on in that house. Nobody deserves what that woman tried to do to her husband, but you never know what he MIGHT have been putting her through, especially if he didn't have a huge policy. 3 sides to every story.

  13. Helena Solomon

    Please Tell Me Your Doing A Video On The Love And Hip Hop Reunion !!!

  14. lyricinterpreter

    Disgusting ass thing to do, and she's a nurse? wtf

  15. Anita Garay

    Sounds like something a Floridian would do Lol....

  16. Anessa64222

    There is no shame in getting divorces. You don't need to kill the man, jeez, she had to have been wanting some insurance money, keep the assets, or something.

  17. Solar Landlord

    UnSkankable........smh :(

  18. RandomMsjattic

    I love your channel , because theses stories are mind blowing. I live in Canada , our news is wack comparing

  19. sassytina65

    this is awful..i think every dr. nurse or anyone in the medical needs more better background check..this is awful

  20. oracle4eva

    WTH how does this thought even cross your mind... SHIT in and IV Thats so disgusting 

  21. Steven Gaines

    Wow. His woman shitted on him when she broke his heart. Get it? Heart, shit..…okay. >…>

  22. Skymann

    PSA: Shit kills. Shit happens.

  23. chilid856(Lisa)

    They also need to see if her husband is abusive and this was her way of getting rid him of once and for all.

  24. Victoria

    Nasty ass person wtf.... ugh I'm glad that Nut is locked up!!!!

  25. Alex Antrum

    That is soooooooooooooo groooooossssss!!! :O

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