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associates degree in criminal justice?

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Question by elias p: associates degree in criminal justice?
what kind of jobs can i get with an associates degree in California?

Best answer:

Answer by Corbin Loflin
With an associates degree in criminal justice you will be able to get a job with a police department. Before you will be able to secure a job as a police officer you must first attend a criminal justice training academy or officer training academy.

If you are interested in working for a Federal Agency (e.g. FBI, ATF, DEA, etc.) you will need a bachelors degree. I recommend that you attain a bachelors degree and then go from there. You could always work with a police department after attaining your associates degree and enroll in an online program (e.g. Associates to Bachelors in Criminal Justice.) Programs such as this are offered through Kaplan University and the University of Phoenix- Online, and many others.

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  1. J.W.

    There are many different law enforcement officer jobs that you could try to get if you have a criminal justice degree. Some job titles you could consider include animal cruelty investigator, constable, correctional officer, criminal investigator, deputy sheriff, game warden, humane law enforcement officer, marshal, park ranger, police officer, probation officer, and wildlife conservation officer. Consider local, state, and federal jobs. Consider getting a 4 year degree.

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