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★ Elder Scrolls Online : Classes and Character Advancement

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Pallytime is here to talk about the classes and character advancements in the upcoming MMO title, “Elder Scrolls Online.” Characters and classes are commonly…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Better late than never A brief review of all playable classes of the second closed beta test of black desert online have been made. In the video you can see …
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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Comments ( 49 )

  1. Jesse Welch

    My concern is that without any class change option, only 4 classes to choose from at start, and the only means of customization being skill trees there won't be much variation at all. In Everquest, WoW, GW2, and every other mmo I've ever played that had skill trees the same thing always happened. The player community would decide the "best way" to set up your skill trees and if you didn't set it up that way you were a gimp and if you were a gimp you could gtfo. Ultimately, we will probably see about 400 Nord Dragonknights with the same skills, gear, etc... running across Cyrodiil.

  2. Jesse Welch

    It is sad that there are so few classes and no ability to change classes. FFXI has been around since before Oblivion was released and they've been doing class changes since the day they rolled out. Why can't modern mmos outside FF mmos do this?

  3. TheInfamousWolf

    This is gonna be a huge WOW Killer.

  4. late2hate

    Why couldent they just do Skyrim Online 

  5. Will shine

    I like how you emphasizes on customization and classes. So many people are nitpicking at this that they dont realise Yes its an MMO, No it wont be played like one. Also people need to get away from the whole healer/tank/dps builds. Since one of the best features in all Elderscroll games is exploration, being a healer that does puny damage isnt going to wor, being a tank that cant heal isnt going to work, and being a dps that cant fight mobs isnt going to work. Eventually based on everyones personal experience will ultimatley define your build. Yes there may be some groups that have certain builds for group dungeons, but they will definitley lack alot of skills to proceed by themselves. You nailed it when you said by lvl 50 you should have an optimised build. I myself will be building an all around character so as to be able to switch up between scenerios. If you can fight monsters and bosses in a customised build then why cant a bunch of you together do it? No one would soley have to rely on another class to survive. Take all other MMO experience and throw most of it out the window in this game. Dont expect a response to someone in chat looking for a healer/tank/dps build to do dungeons. No ones gonna reply on that one and I'm definitley not building my character just to suit a certain role. No one can "blame" someone for not doing their role in this, nor can someone get "kicked' becouse theres too many tanks in the group. Graphics are superior to any other MMO and character customisation raised the bar to better levels of play. Explore, solo, group with friends, be yourself, not the role all other MMOs make you stick by or raids make you stick by.

  6. BigBadBeef

    0:36 - lol... the "get over here" cliche! -.-

  7. Life_In_The_Void

    I wonder if it will out-do league of legends? BTW people saying WoW is biggest, most popular MMO is not WoW its League of Legends in other terms its LoL 

  8. Life_In_The_Void

    I wonder if it will out-do league of legends? BTW people saying WoW is biggest, most popular MMO is not WoW its League of Legends in other terms its LoL 

  9. Zachary Harmon

    Was that Renekton at the end?

  10. Shane Riedmuller

    Can you go into 1st person view

  11. MasterCheifLegiT

    Sorcerer don't need heavy armors

  12. Richard Johansson

    So, no summoner.

  13. Iluvpepsi99

    Started to get hooked on this game today Waiting for to get into the beta!

  14. Admiral Nimitz

    talk about new stuff in the future!

  15. Rev0lutionIsMyName

    Omg, I totally can't wait to play an Orc DragonKnight ...battle-hardened warrior that's stumbled upon the raw, ragefully passionate magic of fire =)

  16. Sydock

    No stealth dagger with bow class? :O

  17. SuureiTheMiner

    I have the beta :)

  18. James Tarman

    Will there be an in game tutorial? And we'll mods be supported on the game? Will cheat codes be supported on the game?

  19. owen myers

    do we know if we can summon atronachs yet?

  20. Slay_Gaming

    I hope to god they upgrade the graphics by a TON in the final version of the game.

  21. RageKillGamingX

    What Race/Class combination are you guys going for? I'm getting the Argonian Dragon Lord

  22. diego alfoso

    Is it just me or does it look kinda laggy 

  23. Derek Spellman

    But it was on april1

  24. Jonathan Hårstad

    Today I checked my mail. What was in my mail? Beta access to Elder Scrolls Online!!! I screamed so loud so I think I could be heard in space!!! It says the beta is going to start on Friday. Cant wait to create my character!!

  25. pixeluded

    I'll wait until this game is out a year and has inevitably gone f2p before I try it properly. It plays like crap atm. I played the beta at a friends and I was not impressed at all. The sub+cash shop is like salt in the wounds. I prefer my mmos to have a sub but a cash shop as well? No thanks!

  26. gyloir

    PLEASE tell me this game isn't going to lock classes to genders? I HAAATE that, so annoying.

  27. IISildurII

    Dat enthusiasm in his voice!

  28. InstantZzz

    Looks really pretty, I like the combo system a lot. A lot of what I like about the combo system is the ability to preview the combos from the skill screen, this is something that games with combo tend to neglect. As for the subject of race/gender locking roles, I have mixed feelings. Forsaken Online is game I played that had this where only one race could be the Tank class, which for me was bummer due to me liking playing as a Tank but not liking that race. But in the case of Forsaken that was the only Tank role so depending on whether or not we see multiple Tank type I personally won't have problem.

  29. Sophie Breca

    Am so happy I got to play this at CBT2 :) can't wait for the next phase

  30. Zarythe

    There are two things i want, This game and the upcoming betas to be worldwide, and that 2 handed sword class, bladesman was it? 

  31. Lord Fabulous

    ''land of bondage'' ayy lmao

  32. Überfat Kraych


  33. iKickz

    This game is looking more and more generic in every video... I may pass. So far there is a lack of immersive story line, lack of choices, lack of intellegent ai, lack of voice acting, etc. This game will need to pull a serious unique card to be worth playing more than a few days. I don't feel pulled in by anything and the current game play videos make me fall asleep. When you get past the gimmicky graphics(which have flickering and popping issues anyway), it's really nothing special. There are many other games with skill hotkeys and combos like this. I do not like seeing AI monsters walking around like zombies in an open field either. I'm falling asleep by this. Even in Blade and Soul, the CBT was light years ahead in terms of quality. 

  34. quake4tt

    Please hurry up!! Make NA version!!! More vids!!!

  35. don wrinkles

    Ah man the screen shakes so much i could hardly get through the video, Imagine grinding for hours in this game

  36. NeoNe0

    is this P2W?

  37. TheCaliger

    So, this video just confirmed to me that I can't change the genders of characters. Darnit, I thought I found something to care about. 

  38. TheVaPro

    No hate but , he has the voice of an angel hahah xD

  39. Mauzy

    I have over 7k sub, its not much but May I please get a beta code I will write a positive review.

  40. Bradley Doesnt Give A Fox

    'land of bondage' giggle giggle

  41. Bruno Santos

    perfect video, congratulations

  42. Alexandre Tanguay

    All I want is a class with a 2 handed weapon.

  43. Barreto Hue

    Quero tanto joga esse jogo mais meu país sempre fica por fora dos BETA vai demorar muito pra algum Brasileiro poder jogar este game. 4ª maior mercado de jogos de mundo manda aquele abraço quem sabe chega aqui!

  44. TheNinthFaith

    what about the blader and other classes?

  45. Slenda Mon

    Why isn't tamer in this video

  46. David Waldis

    Grat vid keep it up

  47. Jonathan Sivocci

    You better hurry up and release, i cannot wait! :)

  48. haruWR

    like!! In which computer was this video recorded?

  49. TheShadowReaper

    lets hope we see the Tamer class in the next beta...or a female Blader wouldnt hurt.

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